Clean Your Grout – All You Need To Know About Our Grout Cleaning Service

As we are living in our homes every day it is only natural for our tiles and grouting to become dirty with mould, scum, grease and more. It is very important to maintain regular tile cleaning processes to ensure that excessive mould doesn’t create an unhealthy build up.


Tiles are an excellent space as they are stylish and suited to any style home. The downside is dealing with discolouration and grouting concerns that could be potentially dangerous to your living space.


At Melbourne carpet and tile cleaning we are experts in tile cleaning services and take pride in providing our customers with excellent results when it comes to professional and effective tile cleaning.


Daily tile cleaning, including soap scrubs and mopping solutions only cover the surface clean of your tiles and do not thoroughly remove any excess dirt, scum, stains and mold.


That is why you should invest in our professional Melbourne tile cleaning. We have a team of professionals trained in hard floor cleaning and experts in tile cleaning and restoration and love assisting our clients with the best ways they can clean and maintain their tiles!


Here’s how we can help you maintain your tiles:


Investing in our truckmount system: Our truckmount system has a heavy focus on removing germs and bacteria in your tiles. This heat pressured function reaches 240 fahrenheit (115 degrees celsius) which is aimed to remove unwanted germs from your grout and making your tiles look as good as new.


Soil removal: Vacuuming solution to remove unwanted debris and dirt on the surfacing of your tiles.


Soil suspension: Forget those old and expensive cleaning products. Our high quality cleaning products are effective in removing superficial soiling and preparing your tiles for a much deeper and thorough clean.


The clean: Our cleaning products are made to absorb deeply into the tiles preparing them for the intensified cleaning process. We begin to use tile and grout cleaning machines that complete an intense wash that removes dirt, particles and more all within your tile pores. This machinery dries tiles easily and is proven to complete very detailed and thorough clean.


Grout sealing: We highly recommend investing in grout sealing as this completes the deep cleaning process with an extra protective barrier in between your tile grouting. The sealing process protects against any dirt and germs from entering back into the grouting and creates a final polished look to your floors.


Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you maintain a clean and well looked after home with our Melbourne tile cleaning services, as we know how difficult it can be to maintain tiles and floors as life can get busy and cleaning becomes increasingly difficult.


Our main aim is to ensure that your living space is comfortable, relaxing, clean and free from any harmful bacteria and germs that could make your home and tiles slippery and dangerous.


After we go through the cleaning and grout sealing process we provide a post-clean inspection to ensure that we have done our job to the best quality possible and to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with the outcome.


Our tile cleaning services commit to making your tiles look and feel fresh and brand new! If you would like to learn more about our tile cleaning service, please visit:

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