Stain and Spot Removal


Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

Stain And Spot Removal
Professional Stain Removal

All it takes is one glass of wine or a cup of coffee to completely ruin your carpet- not to mention your day. Stain removal is always a process best left to the experts, as many people don’t realise that the most popular methods of removing stains don’t have the desired effect- or worse, make the stain harder to remove than necessary.
Our professional stain and spotting removal kit contains a variety of treatments that can specifically address the toughest stains. While older stains are more difficult to treat, almost every stain can be improved with our processes. Trained in stain chemistry, the team at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaners will always guarantee our very best to ensure your carpets come up to the best possible results, every time.

We’ll address the full scope of stains, including: red wine, rust, urine, make-up, dried paint, oil, tea, coffee, chewing gum and ink.

Prone to Spills? There’s a Solution to suit you!

Don’t let a bad staining experience turn you off a relaxing wine or coffee on the couch- talk to us about our optional extra Scotchgarding technique. This product seals and protects your carpet from stains that might otherwise ruin your day – they’re an easy and affordable way of ensuring your carpet can come back after a devastating spill!

The team at Melbourne Tile and Carpet Cleaning are available for bookings in Melbourne, Dandenong and the Mornington Peninsula area now. Call to make your booking today!