Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial carpet cleaning

In commercial spaces where high volume traffic and hyper-exposure to daily wear and tear are evident, even the hardiest carpets will quickly lose their freshness without the right maintenance.

A professional commercial space suffers when presentation becomes an issue. Studies have shown that unhygienic carpets pose a significant health risk, absorbing soil, debris, allergens and other contaminants incompatible with a healthy working environment.

As industry leaders, Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning address commercial carpet cleaning with the highest level of responsibility. Our methods aim for a completely dry result within 3-4 hours after treatment, leaving you to get back to business without interruption. IICRC certified and offering state of the art hot water extraction technology, we’ll deliver on our promise to effectively, safely and quickly clean your carpet for an optimised result, every time.

Our Professional Cleaning Equipment

Industrial truckmount technology is the reason these results are possible. This technology generates heat of up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, where a superior deep clean is possible. This heat sanitises carpeted areas, exterminating dust mites and other organisms, dust, pollens and other allergens from the fibres, which are then extracted with the incredible suction power made possible with truckmount vacuuming.


We offer our commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses of every size, along with cleaning service for office buildings, commercial establishments, department stores, medical centres, restaurants, educational facilities, childcare facilities and more. Speak with a member of our professional team for more information today!