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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Nothing beats the feeling of perfectly clean and cool tiles underfoot. While the upside to a tiled space is all about style and easy daily maintenance, but the downside can be managing discoloured grouting and the surface build-up that can make tiled areas slippery and hazardous for you and your family.

Regular scrubbing and cleaning do help in removing superficial soiling and build-up, but it is impossible to cleanse and sanitise tiled areas and manage to remove mould, grease, oils and staining left behind on a daily basis just with regular cleaning products and methods.
Enter the restoration professionals: Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning.

IICRC Certified in hard floor cleaning, our committed team of professionals is specifically trained in restoring tiled areas and rejuvenating them to the showroom presentation. With affordable prices and reliability at the core of what we do, the Melbourne Tile and Carpet Cleaning team are equipped with knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence where it counts.

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Benefits of Cleaning with Truckmount System

Truckmount technology enables us to deliver a superior sanitising process and overall results in tile and grout cleaning. With the heat feature that reaches up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, the combined impact of high-pressure cleaning is extremely effective for eliminating germs and bacteria and restoring your tiles to their first appearance.

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Process


We will inspect the tiles and grout to find any problem areas.


Soil Removal

We will remove any debris on the floor by vacuuming the area to be cleaned.


Soil Suspension

Our range references a range of high-quality cleaning products that loosens superficial soiling and prepares the deeper embedment for removal.



When the product has been absorbed into the surface of the tiling, industrial tile and grout machinery is used to pressure wash and extract foreign particles from the surface and tile pores. This all in one machine is a critical tool in ensuring low dry times and thorough extraction.


Grout Sealing (Optional)

Optional and recommended grout sealing protects the grout from becoming further embedded by mould, mildew and grime.



A final inspection is carried out to ensure the desired effect has been reached.

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Grout Sealing

Once the floor is cleaned, we recommend sealing the grout lines using a penetrating sealer that fills in the pores of your grout. It creates a protective layer above the tiles and protects them against future spills, soiling, and discolouration. Once the grout sealer is applied, water/oil will bead up at the surface and dirt will be wiped off.
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Tile And Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions : Tile & Grout Cleaning

Yes! We are IICRC certified specialise in tile restoration and hard floor cleaning. Our high heat and high pressure cleaning system ensures that your tiles are thoroughly clean and rejuvenated, removing stains and discolouration. Our experienced team is committed to delivering ‘show-room’ results and will ensure your tiles are back to their original condition.
The only way to uphold the longevity of your tiled surfaces and prevent the spread of bacteria is through a sanitising process that combines high heat with high-pressure cleaning. Our TruckMount system is the only machine on the market that generates heat up to 240 degrees to deliver the deepest clean possible. It thoroughly sanitises and cleanses your tiled surface from the ground up.
Using a penetrating sealer we fill in the pores of your grout to create an additional layer of protection against any future spills, discolouration or staining. This ensures easier tile cleaning and maintenance thereafter and will preserve the health of your surface.
Our industrial tile and grout machinery works to completely revive your tiled surface. The objective of our cleansing and sanitising process is to revert your tiles back to their original glory. Not only will your tiles look and feel new, but they will also be in optimum health with our disinfecting and cleansing process.
The sealant ingredient that is used to initially seal tile grout invariably deteriorates over time, especially in areas of high traffic. When this sealant wears off, mould and bacteria are able to spread and multiply. The bacteria then becomes trapped and is unable to be removed from regular cleaning. This ,in turn, affects the entire look of the tile, which can become discoloured and stained. Grout Sealing is an additional service that we recommend applying directly after cleaning to really complete the look and feel of your tiles.
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning is an essential part of tile maintenance that invigorates the look, feel and health of your surfaces. There is do domestic cleaning agent on the market that can sanitise and cleanse tiled surfaces. It’s been proven that grout can be a breeding grout for mould which can, in turn, cause health problems for you and your family. Our tile and grout sanitising process work to remove dirt, mould and germs from the surface whilst restoring the outward appearance of the tiles.