Want to Keep Your Carpet Clean All Year Round? Follow These Simple Tips

Maintaining carpeted areas can be difficult and very time consuming, especially when certain areas accumulate more dust and dark spots than others, and some areas become stained with those nasty liquids and can be a pain to get out.

With these handy carpet cleaning tips, you will have your carpet looking and feeling cleaner and fresher for longer.


Vacuum once a week

vacuum cleaning


Maintaining a weekly carpet vacuuming schedule will ensure that the gritty particles and debris do not get comfortable in your carpet and spread bacteria and discolouration.

Vacuuming in heavy traffic areas regularly will prevent early signs of discolouration and wearing.

Frequent vacuuming will remove top layers of debris faster, making it easier for the grit in between the carpet to surface and clear out with more vacuuming.


Divide carpet areas into quadrants

carpet cleaning


In order to evenly distribute cleaning time and cover all areas of carpet thoroughly, it is a good idea to divide your carpeted area into quadrants and separate sections to ensure you are spending equal time on all of your carpeted area.

It is important to go over each divided section multiple times on a high powered suction, to ensure that all dirt, particles and debris are being picked up and cleared.

Then finish off on a slow suction to remove all the final particles and fluff up your carpet.


Dab! Don’t rub, working with carpet stains!

Carpet Rub


If your carpet has a new stain it is important to not scrub the stain and rather dab the stain with a dampened cloth of towel.

Allow to dry slightly and invest in some non-toxic and minimal chemical carpet cleaning services and steam carpet cleaning from the specialists at Melbourne Carpet and tile cleaning.


Clean areas that have heavy traffic



Areas that are prone to having heavy traffic, this being where main living areas are, walk-ins and corridors need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly as these areas can accumulate a lot of mud, dirt, stains and debris.

Vacuuming these areas with a criss cross pattern and overlapping strokes will ensure that these accumulated areas are being well cleaned and managed.


Fight odours with a little bit of baking soda



Over time, carpeted areas can begin to give off odour, especially when carpet has been stained or is getting older.

Adding a little bit of baking soda to your vacuum bag and vacuuming over odoured areas of your carpet will fight against the odour producing bacteria.

This can be done a couple of times a month for maximum results.


At Melbourne Carpet and Tile cleaning, we have had the opportunity to work with many carpeted areas in commercial areas, and our main aim is to ensure that every single one of our clients has a healthy and clean indoor space when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Our area of expertise is working toward clearing our dirt, grime, odours and debris from many carpeted areas through our extensive cleaning services to give our customers a healthy living and working environment.

To learn more about our carpet cleaning services, give us a call on: 1300 955 100 and speak with the professionals today!

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