How to best look after and maintain ceramic and porcelain tiles

Every hard floor, whether it be wooden floors or tiled areas, all need individual style care and maintenance.


When it comes to tile cleaning, we at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning believe in high quality and effective cleaning that not only gives your tiles the right kind of clean and care now, but will protect them in the long-term.


We have found that most home-owners like to have both ceramic and porcelain tiled floors in their home because these types of tile are guaranteed to be the most reliable and easy to care for and clean type of tiles.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles require different types of tile care and maintenance that will appropriately protect and provide the ultimate clean.


Here are some of handy tips on how to care for ceramic and porcelain tiled areas on your home:


Countertops: Having clean and shiny countertops are extremely important, as you want your home and kitchen areas to appear shiny and clean. Using a ph-balanced tile cleaner to clean your countertops are ideal as they can quickly wipe away any surface dust or stains. Additionally, we recommend using warm water, soft sponges and gentle liquid dish soap to clean ceramic and porcelain countertops that have heavy grease and oil build up on them.


A soft wash will slowly peel back away the layers of grease, rather than excessive rubbing with bad dyes and bleaches that can ruin your tiles. Avoid products containing ammonia and abrasives.


Tiled floors: To begin any thorough tiled floor cleaning with ceramic and porcelain tiles, we advise to begin with extensive vacuuming to remove any surface dust, dirt and debris. Following a thorough vacuum, we recommend using mild liquid solutions for mopping, that are able to remove deeper dirt hidden in your grout and give your tiles a nice shine and polish.


Bathroom tiles: Your porcelain and ceramic tiles are more prone to heavy dirt and grime build up in your tile grout in your bathroom, and therefore the bathroom tiles need regular maintenance to help your tiles avoid damage and premature discolouration. Using a ph-balanced or neutral cleanser will assist with managing the appearance of your tiles and remove deep dirt, stains and grime from your tiles surface.


It is very important to make sure that you are always regularly looking out for your tiles, assessing whether you are seeing any changes in colour, dirt and grime build up, cracks or dullness.


At home solutions and regular cleaning will ensure that you are regularly up keeping tile maintenance. However, there are some instances where your porcelain and ceramic tiles areas need a more thorough clean to repair any damages and provide a much shinier and more polished look.


If your tiled surfaces are in need of a more thorough clean and a more professional clean, reaching out to the experts at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning, will ensure that your tiles look as good as new, both now and in the long-term.


Give us a call on: 1300 955 100 to speak with a member of our team today about receiving a quote on your tile cleaning job!

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