Have Your Tiles Well Looked After in Summer With These Tips and Tricks!

Floor care and cleaning is essential all year round. However, now that it is Summer is here tile cleaning is all the more important! As the weather heats up your tiles and floors are in high demand for extra care!

Have you ever found that your air con may be causing moisture and condensation to appear on your tiles when the weather is extremely hot? This type of condensation, when left without cleaning, can cause excess moisture to accumulate within the grouting of your tiles causing harmful bacteria to generate throughout the grouting and cause discolouration!

When you start taking care of your tiles throughout Summer you can avoid these harmful bacterias from emerging and keep your tiles and floors ever glowing!

We’ve developed a set of tips and tricks you can follow to ensure your tiles are receiving the necessary care all throughout Summer!


  • Vacuum: Establish a weekly floor cleaning routine to remove excess debris and dust from your floors by vacuuming regularly. It is normal for dust to accumulate on your floors and tiles as the weather heats up so by vacuuming weekly you will keep your floors dust free!
  • Mop: After vacuuming, always follow with a mop! Mopping assists with the proper removal of germs and bacteria deep within the grouting of your tiles. Mopping also gives your tiles that finishing touch with a sheen coat to make your floors look ever bright and clean!
  • Reduce sun exposure: Allowing your floors and tiles to be exposed to heavy sunlight throughout the day can cause serious discolouration and fading of your tiles original colour and shade which can make your tiles look older than what they truly are. This is why keeping blinds down on hotter days will ensure your tiles are not being exposed to too much UV light and sun rays and they can in turn maintain their natural colour for longer.
  • Reduce humidity: Investing in a dehumidifier could be a wise choice during Summer as the heat can cause excess moisture to accumulate within your grouting. The dehumidifer will ensure that your tiles moisture will be drawn out and its shine will be maintained.


There you have it! A few ways in which you can maintain the cleanliness of your floors and tiles this Summer!

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