Carpet Cleaning in the Warmer months- Keep it Neat and Easy!

Summer living certainly can take it’s toll on the average Melbourne household when it comes to keeping up with  carpet maintenance over summer. It’s a time when pollens, dust, dirt and debris are more prevalent than ever, and thus far more likely to find their way into our homes. But you don’t have to be resigned to the idea that your carpets or tiles need more cleaning  than you have time for- simply following a few suggestions can take the load off when it comes to the extra work summer living can mean for house proud people!


Enlist a crack team of floor cleaning professionals

Having a team of carpet cleaning professionals with state of the art equipment to take care of your carpets and tiled areas is the final commandment of great home care during the summer months. Want to maintain your carpeting over summer and minimise potential wear? Simply reach out and talk to the professionals about the services which would best suit your needs.


Invest in good runners and doorway mats

If you’re reading this and can’t remember what your welcome mat even looks like, run, don’t walk to the front door and take a took at it’s condition. Are the fibres worn, clogged, or snapped off? If so, pop down to your local hardware store and invest in a good quality, strong bristled set of mats for each entrance to your home. And don’t forget the doggy door!

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is in great shape.

If you find vacuuming to be too demanding, we put it to you that your vacuum cleaner might need updating. If you haven’t checked out the range of cordless, hand-held varieties available on the market, you should! Most households who have made this investment report they are much more likely to use their vacuum cleaner than a broom, and that they find using the handheld vacuum cleaner does a far superior job than previous methods they’ve used. These modernised versions of a vacuum cleaner are a heaven send for anyone with a long-haired fur child on board!

Keep footwear out of the way.

Besides the odour they can put out, shoes bring a whole lot of nasty mud, dirt and filth with them. Invest in a solid shoe-box and make sure it’s located in a convenient  area that children can reach. Summer is a great time to re-inforce the ‘no shoes inside’ rule, especially if small children and sporty adolescents are a part of the household!

Ensure pet beds are weather appropriate

The more foam and cushioning your pet bed has, the more dust, mites, and dirt it will hang onto. Most pets are very happy in a breathable mesh hammock. You don’t have to completely eschew the idea of soft bedding for your pets- just wash it regularly and make sure the area is hygienic. This is also important for avoiding warm-weather skin conditions that many pets are prone to.

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning serve yes are designed to keep your floored areas looking and feeling fresh, safe and clean. For more information about the high quality services we provide, please contact the team at MCTC today, on 1300 955 100 today.

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