Beware of these Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

In most aspects of life, when you make a mistake, you have the opportunity to learn from it and rectify it. But when you think of carpet care and carpet cleaning, there is no room for errors. Just by using the wrong products, schedule or cleaning process, you can potentially damage your precious carpet permanently. Its appearance and lifespan will be negatively impacted – something that you cannot reverse back to its original looks. A major mistake that you can make is not to have a carpet cleaning schedule in place.

A proactive and preventive maintenance process is essential. Usually, people wait for carpets to look dirty before taking steps to have them cleaned. This is not advisable at all. Carpeting is designed to absorb and hide dirt within its fibres. Hence, if a carpet looks dirty, you can imagine how dirty it is.

Some common mistakes made in carpet cleaning:

Not having a comprehensive cleansing program

You have to approach carpet cleaning in all its totality and not in bits and pieces. You might be implementing only one aspect of carpet cleaning and think that you have done a thorough job of it. For instance, low moisture cleaning as a stand-alone entity might not be enough if you do not have deep extraction to go with it. Again, when you stop the cleaning process at spotting and do not go through with deep cleaning, you are not doing justice to your carpet cleaning schedule. You should incorporate all the elements if you want your carpet to have a long life and retain its good looks.

Waiting for summers to clean your carpet

One of the biggest myths in the carpet cleaning world is it can only be done only in summers. Generally, the theory behind this myth is that the carpets take longer to dry in the cold season. However, your carpet needs to be equally cleaned in winters as in summers. So, carpet steam cleaning is the ideal way to rightly clean your carpet in colder months. It includes a hot water extraction method which is specially designed to reduce the drying time. Since, professional help is always worth the money, you can choose from these 11 best options for carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne.

Not hiring professionals for carpet cleaning

Professional agencies have a trained workforce and specialised equipment for carpet cleaning that does a better job than any DIY effort. For example, a simple vacuum cleaner for home has a brush that moves when air goes past it. But expert agencies have one that uses an electric motor. This means that the brush rotates faster with more force and can lift dirt and particles more effectively. Again, trained carpet cleaners use chemicals to lift dirt off carpets. You could permanently damage your carpet if you tried to do so. For a good carpet cleaning experience always hire professional services to do the job for you.

Not knowing the manufacturer’s specifications

A part of the good carpet maintenance program is knowing the manufacturer’s specifications. This is often overlooked in carpet care. A good cleaning process does not start with the cleaning activity; it begins with the specification and installation of the carpet.

John Poole, senior consultant at the American Institute of Cleaning Service explains the point well. He says, “What people need to know is who manufactured the carpet and what kind of carpet they’re dealing with. You need to know the specifications so that you know how to maintain it, and you don’t violate the warranty. If you don’t know what type of carpet you’re dealing with, you can create a mess. For instance, natural fibres will shrink, so it’s imperative to identify the type of carpet you’re cleaning.”

Not testing chemicals before application

Do not apply chemicals directly on a soiled area without testing them first. It is always advisable to check the chemicals on an inconspicuous place on the carpet before using it on the spot in a prominent area. Otherwise, there is always a possibility of bleaching out the carpet and permanently ruining it.

In a nutshell, these are some of the don’ts for a good carpet cleaning job. Now, you can keep your carpet clean, dirt-free and germ-free by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

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