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Tile Cleaning Dandenong
Tile Cleaning Dandenong

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning are the leading carpet experts servicing Dandenong and the surrounding Rowville and Noble Park areas. IICRC certified, we specialise in tile restoration and grout sealing. With experience under our belt, we are at the forefront of the latest cleaning technology using a TruckMount system to ensure your tiled surfaces are rejuvenated and free from harmful debris and bacteria.

Tiled surfaces have long been at the pinnacle of style and design. They provide the comfort of a cool, clean surface underfoot and have the added benefit of being easy to maintain. Inevitably with time and wear, tiled surfaces discolour and bacteria and debris build up. Tiles become slippery and may become a safety hazard for you and your family.

There is no domestic cleaning product on the planet that can completely sanitise and cleanse tiled surfaces. While a regular cleaning routine works to superficially reduce the appearance of grease, stains and discolouration, the hard fact is that once these symptoms appear, they signify a deeper problem that requires a more specialized approach.

The build-up of bacteria in tiled areas is an ideal place for mould to form and grow. Mould in the home or office can severely impair our immune systems and dramatically increase the bodies susceptibility to allergies and other health conditions. The only way to prevent the development of tile mould is through a sanitising process that combines high heat with high pressure cleaning. Our TruckMount system is the only machine on the market that generates heat up to 240 degrees to provide the deepest clean possible. It guarantees a complete clean and will sanitise your tiled surface from the ground up.

If your tiles have already started to discolour or cracks are starting to appear: it’s time to act. Our team of experts do a pre-clean inspection to identify areas of concern and will formulate a plan accordingly. Our Professional Cleaning service will also prolong the amount of time your surfaces stay clean for, and will dramatically reduce the time you spend on your cleaning routine.

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