Tile and Grout Cleaning Narre Warren

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Narre Warren

Tile and Grout Cleaning Narre Warren

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning are the tile and grout cleaning experts servicing Narre Warren and the Endeavour Hills area. To completely invigorate your tiled surfaces we offer a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning experience. As practiced professionals we are first to the punch when it comes to the latest cleaning technology. We use a TruckMount system that sanitises your tiled surfaces removing dangerous debris and bacteria.

Tiled surfaces are a staple of most households. They provide comfort and style and are generally low maintenance. With continued traffic and wear, tiled surfaces discolour and stain. This is often a sign that debris and bacteria have begun to build-up.

While a consistent cleaning regime works to reduce the appearance of grease and dirt, unfortunately domestic cleaning does nothing to remove the presence of bacteria and stains. If these symptoms appear it’s usually a sign that bacteria has begun to expand beneath the surface. Only a professional sanitising process works to cleanse tiles from below the surface.

The build-up of bacteria in tiled areas is a perfect place for mould to form and expand. Mould in the home can affect our immune systems and increase the risk of other health conditions. The only way to thwart the development of  mould is through a professional approach that combines high heat with high pressure. Our TruckMount system is the only machine on the market that generates heat up and a pressurised method. It cleans your surfaces from the ground up, removing and preventing the development of mould.

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    Grout Sealing

    For an all-inclusive approach, we offer grout cleaning to complete the experience. The sealant substance that is used to initially seal grout is subject to deterioration and accelerates the build-up of debris and bacteria. When bacteria infiltrates the grout, substances become trapped and are unable to be removed from regular cleaning. This can aggravate the appearance of stains and discolouration. Re-sealing the grout on your tiled surface provides an extra layer of protection against mould and stains. Grout cleaning provides a noticeable difference, breathing new life into tiled surfaces.

    Nobody wants to spend hours on end cleaning their tiled surfaces. Our Professional Cleaning Services takes the hard work out of tile maintenance and ensures your surfaces are free from bacteria. We complete a pre-clean inspection to identify areas of concern and formulate a plan accordingly. We deliver a tailored approach to each client to ensure your individual needs are met.