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Rug Cleaning

A well placed, stylish rug can make a breathtaking statement in your home, but like any other carpet or piece of upholstered furniture, wear and tear on a statement rug can be breathtaking for all the wrong reasons.

Our professional rug rejuvenation services are designed to return your rugs to a showroom quality. Using steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods to dissolve and extract stains, our team of fully certified technicians are trained to closely address unique stain profiles and deep cleansing and sanitising for ultimate results.

Our method is the safest way of ensuring all harmful foreign objects and particles are extracted with our high-powered state of the art truckmount system, which reaches temperatures of up to 240 degrees.

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Our rug cleaning process consists of the following steps

Initial Inspection

We inspect your rugs for colour fastness and textile integrity.



A stain treatment is applied prior to preconditioning to address staining on a primary level.



We loosen stains with a state of the art pre-spray treatment, positioning fibres for close reception of the agitation step to come.



An industrial agitation device helps to directly loosen stains and soil from the rug fibres.



Steam treatment combined with vacuum extraction removes foreign objects, dander, dirt and debris from your carpet, completely removing them from your rugs.



A grooming tool is used to restore the rug fibres and position them as they were intended to look when you first purchased your rug.

Looking for a Rug Cleaning Service in Melbourne, Dandenong or the Morning Peninsula? Talk to our team of expert rug cleaners today!