Anti Allergian Treatment


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Anti Allergian Treatment
Anti Allergen Prespray

If you suffer from dust-mite dander allergies, you’ll know how debilitating this sensitivity can become. At Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning, our Anti-Allergen pre-spray is a hypoallergenic solution carpets rugs and upholstery, effectively protecting you from the microscopic particles that can become embedded in your furniture and pose a risk to your health.

How does it work?

The potent natural ingredients used in our anti-allergen pre-spray work by reducing its antibody binding potential. Once this occurs, the allergens are unrecognisable by the immune system, effectively disarming the allergenic property.

Our pre-spray is safe to use around children, pets and those with existing allergies. It’s a naturally derived, environmentally safe product that is pesticide, solvent and perfume. It’s a totally safe, proven treatment that effectively denatures protein allergens present from typical sensitivity causing proponents, including:
• Dustmite droppings
• Cockroach droppings
• Pet Dander and Saliva

The treatment is water-based and providing long-lasting protection from common allergens, keeps your home at a minimised risk from sensitivity for up to 6 months.

Allergy Relief Treatment

For an effective, lasting and affordable anti-allergen solution, Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaners are the leading choice. Speak to a member of our expert team about the best way to protect your home and family today.