Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Looking to rejuvenate and refresh your carpets the fast, easy and safe way? We can help! The team at Melbourne Carpet And Tile Cleaning offer high-quality carpet cleaning in the Mornington Peninsula, featuring affordable rates and outstanding results.

What We Do

Trained in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning, our teams are well experienced in chemical stain composition and how to break stain bonds and remove them from your carpet entirely. We’ve developed specific techniques that address the most difficult and worn-in types of stains- those that even the most aggressive vacuuming won’t be able to resolve.

We know what it takes to successfully:
  • Remove Mould From Carpet
  • Remove Pet Hair from Carpet Fibres
  • Achieve Oil Stain Removal
  • Get Rid Of Wine Stains
  • Remove Red Wine Stains
  • Neutralise Dog Urine Odours From Carpets
  • Get Rid Of Vomit Stains
  • Remove General Stains
  • Extract Caffeine Stains

How We Do It

New technology in hot water extraction means we can get results in your couch, sofa and carpets that were previously extremely difficult to remove. Our state of the art truckmount system produces a carpet steam cleaning heat upwards of 240 degrees Fahrenheit, and as far as rug and carpet steam cleaning go, results are as good as they get. It’s a temperature ideal for eliminating the hidden lurking nasties within your carpet, like

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust Mite Dander
  • Dead Skin Cells
  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Solid Food Particles

and other organic particles that cause your carpets to develop an odour that manual cleaning just can’t remove.

Even the smelliest carpets and rugs come up beautifully with our treatments- as specialists in the removal of carpet odours, rug cleaning is a service that can freshen a home no end! For many houseproud people, carpet odour is a challenging obstacle. Just like any other porous fabrics and textiles we wear, carpet is no different, and in fact is likely more susceptible to absorbing unpleasant smells. Our carpet deodorisation technology allows us to extract the odour causing particles locked deeply within your carpet, where we can then suction them away with the assistive power of high temp steam.

For a thorough clean with industry trained experts, you can’t go past the dedicated team at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning.

Why We’re Your Leading Choice

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning service the local area with pride, delivering on our promise to improve, refresh and rejuvenate your carpets to a degree you’ll love. While we offer once off spot treatments, we also offer more comprehensive, whole home professional carpet cleaning packages that address all fabrics and textile surfaces in your home. For the ultimate in carpet sanitisation, couch cleaning, rug cleaning and more, we do it all, often in a same-day carpet cleaning service!

Looking for the most effective form of carpet dry cleaning?

It’s no longer as simple as calling it carpet shampooing. For the most effective form of cleaning through hot water extraction, speak to the team of committed technicians at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning today.

Get Residential Carpet Cleaning in Mornington Peninsula today!

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