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Cleaning your carpets on a day to day basis is an essential part of day to day carpet care. While good maintenance is the only way to manage general wear and tear, scheduled carpet and upholstery cleaning is the only way to deeply reset the health of your carpet, managing the absorbed particles which cause discolouration, odour and organic growth at a professional carpet cleaning level.

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If you have small children, pets or a hectic lifestyle, it’s expected that your carpet will reflect wear and tear after a little while. AS a fabric, the deep and separate fibres of carpeting make them very absorbent to foreign material like dirt, hair, dust and other allergens. Add spills and stains to the mix and you get the general idea: your carpet needs to undergo a deep cleanse every now and then!

Unfortunately, carpeted areas are challenging beasts to treat- it takes thorough training and expertise to address the chemistry of most stains and odours to completely remove them. The team at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning are IICRC accredited and treat carpets with a wealth of knowledge and state of the art equipment to achieve a deep clean.

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Think your carpets are perfectly clean? Unless you’ve recently booked in a hot water extraction clean, the fact remains that most carpets and upholstery are home to many of the following:

  • Dead skin cells and body oils
  • Mould and mildew particles and spores
  • Food remnants
  • Dust mite dander

…and more

A few spills here and there are to be expected when it comes to carpeted areas- but, over time, an accumulation of stains, odours and soiling add up. If you’ve been considering couch and sofa cleaning, or perhaps a carpet cleaning package, it’s time to book your hot water extraction/steam cleaning service in!

Which Kind of Stains Can Our Equipment Remove?

We’re trained and equipped to do our very best and address any stain! Common staining offenders are those which quickly absorb into the deeper fibres of the carpet and lock into the weave almost immediately. Carpet odour removal is essential as it addresses what you may otherwise miss: the big challenge for most houseproud people is that even if they do manage to remove the stain, often the odour left behind remains. Our deep cleaning and carpet deodorising technology makes it possible to reverse this.

Carpet sanitisation that covers the worst type of spills is the best way to remove residual stains and odours completely and the worst carpet stains and those that are quickly absorbed into the fibres of a carpet. Anything at body temperature or warmer sinks almost immediately into the deepest layers of a carpet, and if not treated immediately, all have the capacity to cause a permanent stain. Our team use specific stain chemistry training to remove and manage the following:

  • Removal of Red Wine, Tea and Coffee Stains
  • Removal of Blood, Vomit or Urine Stains and Odours
  • Remove Body Oil Stains
  • Remove Embedded Pet Hairs from Carpet

…and other challenging stains

Dealing with challenging cleaning jobs.

We use the hot water extraction method to lift stains that regular cleaning products and tools cannot. It’s the powerhouse combination of spot cleaning, suction and steam that loosen and extract harmful aspects of staining and other organic matter like dust mites and dust mite dander- the difference is visible, leaving a freshness you just can’t achieve with standard cleaning.

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If you would like more information about the services we provide at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning, our professional team are more than happy to help. We may also be able to provide a same day service if you require immediate cleaning. Please contact us for further information.