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Let’s set the scene. You’ve just arrived home after a long day at work. The kids are bouncing off the walls, the babysitter seems completely strung out, and there’s a half-empty bottle of crimson-coloured blackcurrant juice on the counter. And it’s then, you notice: the juice isn’t just on the counter, but there’s a spectacular arc of it across the loungeroom (soft grey wool, thanks) floor. Besides inwardly rage, and shuffling the apologetic babysitter towards the front door, what do you do? Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning to the rescue!

If Carpet Stains Are A Part of Life- Carpet Steam Cleaning Should Be Too!

Stains are inevitable when you have a carpeted home. And even if you do manage to avoid the most notorious staining, no one can field life away from carpeting. While it’s important to know how to treat stains when they happen, the fact remains that the really bad stains require professional advice. Time to meet your professional local carpet cleaning service providers?

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning: Your Leading Residential Carpet Cleaning Experts

If you’ve got carpet stains, we’ve got the solution. Where red wine, dark juices, and caffeine spot cleaning challenges are certainly not straightforward to treat, our training in stain chemistry and IICRC accreditation means we’re equipped to achieve a great outcome. In fact, along with the worst kinds of food and beverage staining, our gold standard equipment gives us the ability to:

  • Remove Pet Hair from Carpets, Furniture and Upholstery
  • Neutralise and Lift Pet Urine Odour
  • Get Rid of Blood Stains
  • Get Rid of Vomit Stains
  • Remove Oil Stains

…and more.

Carpet Steam cleaning has improved in leaps and bounds with recent advances in hot water extraction technology. Dedicated to achieving the best results, we’ve invested in state of the art equipment truckmount technologies that achieve results in less time, and more effectively than we’ve seen in earlier carpet steam cleaning tech. Reaching temperatures of up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, we can reach deep within the carpet fibres, where foreign material causing stains and discolouration are softened, lifted and extracted with high velocity vacuum extraction.

Need Carpet Odour Removal?

It’s this high-powered vacuum extraction that also makes it possible to loosen and lift pet hairs as they work their way into the deeper layers of a carpet. That’s right, there’s a reason you can’t ever get that animal smell out of carpeting- tiny hairs work their way into furniture and mattresses, carpets and rugs, and regular cleaning can’t pull them out. But professional couch and sofa cleaning accomplishes the job that even the most regular vacuuming can’t – taking carpet odours away with it.

FACT: Carpet deodorisation isn’t a surface-only problem. Our experts have the technology to reach the deepest layers of carpet where odour causing particles have moved in. Cleaning through hot water extraction is more than standard carpet shampooing- it’s the combined method of unlocking fibres and drawing out the residual material within that doesn’t belong there.

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Services In CLYDE West.

Looking for a same day carpet cleaning service? We may be able to provide assistance for urgent call outs. Contact our team of experts about arranging a time to review and assess your carpets for a thorough steam clean, today.