Carpet Dyeing And Restoration

The team of experts at Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning can completely reinvent your carpeted surfaces with our dyeing and restoration services. Completely replacing the carpet, due to wear and damage or a design update is now a thing of the past. Carpet dyeing and restoration pro-longs the life and quality of your existing surface while saving you the money and time of installing new carpets.
The quality and colour of carpets inevitability deteriorate due to factors such as sunlight, chemicals and natural wear and tear. Carpet dyeing covers the appearance of stains, discolouration and damage helping to achieve a refined and refreshed look to your surface. While our dyeing services can be used to restore your carpet back to its original colour, it can also be used to change the colour altogether.

Our Services

Colour Change

Like any household surface, carpets are subject to the style and design sentiments of the day. Thankfully, you don’t have to rip up your carpets to achieve a new style. Our dyeing service can completely rejuvenate your carpeted space so that it reflects evolving styles and design . Change the colour of your carpet with our extensive range of tints.

Colour Restoration

Stained, discoloured or damaged carpet can often affect the overall appearance of a space. Our restoration service will breathe new life into your carpets. We’ll match the new colour to that of the original, renewing your carpeted space!

Bleach Spot Repair

When carpet comes into contact with chemicals or increased sun exposure, faded spots appear. These spots are often yellow, orange or white making them visibly inconsistent with the rest of the area. We eradicate the appearance of these bleach spots with our restoration process. We colour match to ensure consistency.

Stain Removal

Stains are a natural part of life. Carpet wear and tear often includes the development of stains. We specialise in removing stains from your carpeted surfaces, we use dye to restore your area to its original colour.

Design Dye

Carpets and rugs are often a staple of design and artistry. We can change, add and augment shapes and borders on your carpets and rugs. A great way to renew tired looking carpet.

Carpet Dyeing

Persian & Oriental Rug Restoration

Persian and Oriental rugs are particularly vulnerable to sun spotting and colour fading. We use specialised airbrush technology to restore and correct the colour and appearance of Persian and Oriental rugs.